Riga Technoculture Research Unit

January 4, 2022

The Riga Technoculture Research Unit (RTRU) is a platform curated by Elizaveta Shneyderman (New York) and Zane Onckule (Riga) under the commission of Kim? Contemporary Centre in Riga. Part research journal, part art and writing publisher, part hub for developments in emerging media, RTRU brings an interdisciplinary and technicity-centered approach to the status quo of contemporary art programming.

RTRU Season 1 (Under the Hood)
Contributors/participants: Dana Kopel (New York), Eltons Kūns (Riga), Deborah Levitt (New York), Rio Roye (New York), Līga Spunde (Riga), Candice Strongwater (New York), Alise Tifentale (New York/Riga), Viktor Timofeev (New York), Jessica Wilson (New York).